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Submitted on
November 4, 2012


44 (who?)
:star::star::star: EDIT: Contest is now CLOSED! Thanks so much to all who entered! Results to be posted in my journal today or tomorrow!

EDIT: EXACTLY THREE DAYS LEFT! GET YOUR ENTRIES IN!!!! (Remember, you can submit on the 6th up until 11:59 PM PST)

EDIT: I realize that a lot of people are probably busy with school finals/holiday-related things, so I've decided to extend the deadline by two weeks! Please submit your entries by 11:59 PM PST on SUNDAY, JANUARY 6!

Also, I haven't been able to view my notes for the last several weeks (-_-) so please comment below to submit your entry!


Coming eighty years ago, next week... by Kaziline Contest: Gary, Diane and Celia in zombie hunt! by valurauta :thumb342886995: CE: Cooking Time by Notebook-Queen Tis The Season by OrthopedicUnderwear Some Kind of Rivalry by doodleslave .::Zombie Hunter::. by niacherryblossom Masquerade - for contest by ninquetari :thumb347208168: CE: Christmas at the Mustard Seed by ExplosiveCoffee

The contest is pretty simple: Depict one (or more) of my OCs listed below! The more creative your entry (i.e. giving them a different outfit, imagining them into a scene, showing them interacting, etc.), the higher your chance of winning! Winter holiday-themed artworks are welcome though by no means necessary. You are also welcome to add other characters or your own OCs, if you find it fitting to do so!

Judging will be done by me, and my boyfriend (a non-dA member).


:bulletblue: The deadline is SUNDAY, JANUARY 6, 2013.
:bulletblue: All 2D mediums (traditional or digital drawings, paintings, pixel art, short comics, etc.) are accepted. Although if you really want to do something different (i.e. something 3D), please run it by me!
:bulletblue: Must be YOUR work! (no tracing or bases or any of that)
:bulletblue: Nothing NSFW or overtly sexual, please.
:bulletblue: Mild violence and/or gore are fine (since they are from a zombie story).
:bulletblue: Each person is allowed up to TWO entries.
:bulletblue: When you upload your entry, please remember to credit my account (monkette), and mention this contest as well!
:bulletblue: Note me or comment on this journal to submit your entry!


:bulletblue: 12 MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP! (or :points: equivalent, if you prefer!)
:bulletblue: Full color, full body drawing from me.
:bulletblue: Feature of your artwork in my journal.
:bulletblue: 50 :points: from TheRockMonster
:bulletblue: Full color drawing from ExplosiveCoffee
:bulletblue: Full color, full body drawing from MissUpacey

:bulletblue: Full color, waist-up drawing from me.
:bulletblue: Feature of your artwork in my journal.
:bulletblue: 100 :points: from me.
:bulletblue: 35 :points: from TheRockMonster
:bulletblue: Sketch from KodiKat
:bulletblue: Full color drawing from ExplosiveCoffee
:bulletblue: Full color, waist-up drawing from MissUpacey

:bulletblue: Full color, head shot drawing from me.
:bulletblue: Feature of your artwork in my journal.
:bulletblue: 50 :points: from me.
:bulletblue: 15 :points: from TheRockMonster
:bulletblue: Full color, head shot drawing from MissUpacey

:bulletblue: Sketch from me.
:bulletblue: Feature of your artwork in my journal.
:bulletblue: 25 :points: from me.

+ ALL ENTRANTS will receive 5 :points: and their entries featured in this journal!

Note: If anyone still wants to donate prizes I'll happily accept them. And remember that you can still enter even if you donated!


PREMISE: These are characters for a horror/comedy/drama comic book series-type thing I have in the works. It's set in an isolated, suburban American city suddenly struck by a zombie epidemic. A pharmaceutical corporation, headquartered in the city, merges with the local government in order to combat this unexplained threat. They hire an unorthodox group of youths (my characters listed below) to take down and capture the dangerous zombies (who never stay dead for long!) when they appear.

:bulletblue: CELIA PORTER
always and never by monkette Celia by monkette Celia doodle by monkette $!@#$%! by monkette
Age 22. A recent college graduate who, before the zombie epidemic, was trying (rather unsuccessfully) to start a career as a screenwriter. Has a strong aesthetic for all things old-fashioned, beautiful, decadent, and dark. Celia is a self-identified misanthrope, bitingly witty, clever, introverted, pessimistic, and moody (though she also enjoys friendship more readily than she would like to admit). She joins the zombie-hunting team for money and creative inspiration. Has a crush on Gary, but it's mostly because of his good looks, suave demeanor, and nice clothing.

:bulletblue: DIANE BAILEY
Di by monkette Rainfall by monkette Di + zombie kitty by monkette
Age 18. Starts zombie hunting because she needs a job (and she can't leave the city anyways). Diane (or Di for short) is sweet, generous, upbeat, and a huge animal lover. She seeks harmony and always tries to act as a mediator. She also loves to garden and cook. Despite her soft, seemingly pacifist nature, she has little problem using violent weapons against the undead.

:bulletblue: PATRICIA PARK
Pat by monkette Un bar pour les morts by monkette patricia and cassius by monkette (on left)
Age 25. Isn't actually part of the zombie-hunting team; rather, she is the owner of and bartender at their favorite hang-out spot, the Mustard Seed Bar and Inn (also a gathering spot for the more benevolent zombies). Despite having a difficult and traumatizing childhood, Patricia was quick to mature and find her place in the world. Patricia is hard-working and assertive, often coming off as bossy. Although she can be brash and quick to anger, she is extremely loyal and dedicated to her group of friends and always looks after them.

:bulletblue: CASSIUS SLADE
Cass by monkette patricia and cassius by monkette (on right)
Age 25. Cassius always felt overshadowed and pushed around by his father and three older brothers. He joins the zombie-hunting team to finally make something of himself, and to find an outlet for his violent, angry impulses. Cassius is rebellious, hot-headed, and likes to appear tough (though he is secretly very self-conscious). He grew up with Patricia and has always been in love with her, though she never reciprocates his affections. Has something of a rivalry with Gary.

:bulletblue: GARY LEGASPI
Gary by monkette Booty Swing by monkette (on left)
Age 23. The wealthy son of the pharmaceutical CEO. Gary is demure and polite, though also extremely standoffish. He rarely reveals his feelings, thoughts, or motivations. Can come off as snobbish and self-centered. Fast and gifted with a handgun. Like Celia, he has a fondness for literature, fashion, and other such beautiful tastes.

All Good Children character portraits by monkette
For additional reference, here's some older portraits of my characters (Diane's name, as you can see, has been changed since then). Vincent and many of my other characters from this story aren't included in the contest due to my lack of finished drawings of them ^_^;

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